Providing Job Training for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities One Print at a time.


In the spring of 2019 we launched Mychal’s Printing & Embroidery, a digital print operation that produces custom stamped items like t-shirts, tote bags and mugs for companies, groups and events. Our mission is to provide quality print products that can serve as memorabilia for special events, contribute to team building for groups and companies, and offer unique branding opportunities for marketing. Best of all, Mychal’s Printing & Embroidery will provide crucial employment opportunities for young people with developmental disabilities.

Mychal’s Printing & Embroidery is the newest addition to the job training and work experience program for young adults with developmental disabilities at Mychal’s Learning Place. Those disabilities can make it difficult to train in most traditional job venues. In fact, studies show that the unemployment rate for those with developmental disabilities is a shocking 85%. That’s why Mychal’s Learning Place began launching its own job ventures where young adults have the opportunity to overcome learning barriers and acquire job skills that let them succeed. Mychal’s Printing & Embroidery represents a great addition to that program.

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